DIY Gardening Retreat 15.5.2016

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Spring’s still here. Why not green your balcony? Learn to care for your health & the environment with our series on sustainable urban lifestyle.

From sowing your first seed to greening your balcony, we have an insightful and interactive program for you.

Led by permaculture designer Rija Ménagé, the five-hour long series is informative and practical.

Top that with a yoga session on gardener’s health plus a delicious and nutritious lunch buffet and you walk away with confidence to garden even if you don’t actually have a green thumb.


09:00 – Welcome

09:15 – Tour – urban gardens (Rija)

10:15 – Workshop #1 – sow your first seeds (Rija)

11:00 – Workshop #2 – yoga therapy for gardening (Teressa)

11:30 – Break with refreshments

11:45 – Workshop #3 – grow your own food (Rija)

12:45 – Workshop #4 – eat your garden, uncooked & cooked (Teressa)

13:15 – Abundance vegetarian buffet  (Teressa & Co)

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Tour – urban gardens

Open your eyes to the challenges and opportunities of urban gardening, our very own permaculture designer Rija Ménagé will be your personal guide.
You will have a bird’s eye view of the concrete landscape of our cities – how human beings mimic nature to grow their plants.

Workshop #1 – it all starts with seeds

Prepare to get your hands dirty in this one-hour workshop. Learn gardening without a green thumb. Rija will show you ways to talk to your plants and nurture them. You will make your own self-watering pot and take it home as your self-starter kit.

Workshop #2 – yoga therapy for gardening

Learn to nurture yourself as you build your own garden. Experienced yoga teacher Teressa will teach you proper alignment to ease tension and prevent gardener’s syndrome.

Workshop #3 – grow your own food

Take it to the next level – learn techniques to grow common vegetables on your balcony. We will work as a team to make a self-watering planter using freely available resources. In this workshop, Rija will explain the gardening seasons.

Workshop #4 – eat your garden, uncooked & cooked

Easy….as it sounds. Time to taste the seasonal vegetables you can easily grow in your own garden. After a productive morning, you deserve a relaxing and salivating lunch, specially prepared by Teressa and her sous chefs. Mingle with Teressa and find out how she integrates Western nutrition and Chinese food therapy in this sumptuous vegetarian spread.

Register now to take advantage of the Early Bird tickets!


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